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Fifteen Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Travel Frenzy

Travelling can be stressful, rushed, aggravating...  We show up early, only to wait.  Trains are crowded.  Flights are late.  People are upset.  Airline staff are exhausted.   

Travel problems have the power to make or break a vacation.  For those of us who travel for work, delays and cancellations can make a long week longer.   

Is it possible to stop and take a deep breath, and realize the amazing possibilities in travel?  We're able to commute from other states, we can visit friends on the other side of the world- all because of travel.  We often forget that travel is a privilege, one that is not experienced by everyone.  Perhaps if we slow down in our rush to get where we are going, we can also enjoy the journey. 

Next time you're traveling & feeling frenzied, stop and look around.  How can you connect with your fellow travelers?  How can you enjoy your long, perhaps delayed trip? Here are fifteen suggestions to help get you started:    



  1. Allow yourself extra time to get where you need to be.  Feeling rushed will just increase your stress levels.   
  2. Smile at the gate agent.  Start your trip off feeling positive. 
  3. Compliment the person behind you in the security line.  You never know what they might be going through. 
  4. Stop and get a message or a manicure.  Many airports have mini-spas & massage chairs available.   
  5. Find a quiet corner and stretch.  Who says you need a studio to get in some yoga poses?? 
  6. Buy a drink for someone who’s flight was delayed.  You might just make a new friend. 
  7. Help someone put their luggage in the overhead.  Not everyone is as tall and strong as you are! 
  8. Give your upgrade to a soldier or someone obviously having a bad day.  Are you really going to miss a few free drinks on a two hour flight? 
  9. Take along your favorite snacks for the flight.  Comforts of home always taste better than pre-packaged snacks. 
  10. Enjoy the sunrise on an early flight.  There is no better place to catch a sunrise than above the clouds! 
  11. Put on headphones and meditate.  Some apps have flight specific meditations available. 
  12. Ask the person sitting next to you about their hometown.  Connect.  We're all human. 
  13. Say “Thank you” to your flight crew.  They have longs days, and you never know what their last flight was like. 
  14. Bring a small gift during the holidays to those you see often.  Doormen, concierge attendants are always appreciative of small gifts. 
  15. Think of three reasons you’re grateful to be traveling.  It is a privilege.   

What other ways do you slow down and enjoy your travel journeys?

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