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What's in My Bag?? (Snacks)

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Since I get questions all the time about how I make travel more manageable, I'm going to do a series of blogs on items I can't live without.  This month, I'll give you a peek inside my snack bag.  

I never leave home without snacks. You never know if you'll get stuck in a small airport or train station with limited options, or even stuck on the tarmac for 4 hours.  I'm always prepared!!

I love to make my own portable snacks.  I scour Pinterest for ideas, and I also love the recipes in Feedzone Portables.  However, sometimes I’m short on time and/or ingredients between trips, so here are a few of the other options I carry:

Rise Bars

I stumbled upon Rise Bars at the grocery store.  These bars taste great- kind of like a Bit O’Honey, an old school Trick or Treat favorite.  The Honey Almond flavor has 20 grams of protein (from a whey protein that doesn’t seem to cause me any problems).  It’s got three (yes, three) ingredients: almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate.   

The brand does carry a few more flavors as well as Vegan options (note: these have a bit less protein).  I always have at least two in my bag, and they keep the hangry monster at bay for hours. 

Almond Butter 


I hate peanut butter, so I carry almond butter packets with me.  I can spread it on toast, fruit slices, crackers, or even just squeeze a packet into my mouth when I’m in need of a quick hit of protein.  Peanut butter can also be found in packets, and I’ve also seen a variety of flavored nut butters! 


Another easy travel snack I always have on hand is fruit.  Normally, I bring my own that I purchased at the farmers’ market, but most airportsalso sell fruit if you’re in a pinch. 

Apples and pears travel well, as do citrus fruits.  I’ve traveled with berries in the past, but be sure to pack them in a good container (like this) so they don’t get smashed. 


Nuts are an easy, quick source of protein.  Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts are some of my favorites.  You can pack them in serving size baggies if you prefer, or make a trail mix out of your favorites & some dried fruit. 



These serving size packs of olives are fantastic for the road.  They will add a little flavor and healthy fat to your boring airport salad or sandwich.  Or you can just eat them straight out of the bag!   


I love iced green tea.  My Starbucks go to is Green Tea, Unsweetend, No Water.  Lately, I’ve been adding matcha to my tea for a little pick me up in the afternoon.  When I’m on the road it’s a pain to bring my jar of matcha powder, so instead I bring along these individual packets!   


Everyone raves about the benefits of adding collagen to your diet.  These packets are an easy way to get the benefits while on the road.  You can drop a packet into your coffee or tea, or even your water bottle. 

Protein Powder 

I love a good smoothie, but I’m not crazy enough to try to lug my blender with me on the road.  Instead I bring packets of protein powder (such as this one) and a blender bottle to make my own quick smoothies or protein shakes. 

I hope my snack bag inspires you to stay healthy on the road.  If you're looking for more of the things I use while I'm on the road, please check out My Favorite Things.

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