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Today I’m Thankful for All that Is

For many in the US, today we celebrate Thanksgiving. A holiday to celebrate all we are grateful for.  

It can be difficult to ignore all the negativity in the world today. I see posts on social media about why today will be stressful, or how someone else is celebrating incorrectl (no really, someone posted that).

We are bombarded by commercials, and a holiday season that focuses on what we should have, what companies think we need.

But in all the noise of the day, I hope you take some time to stop & realize all you have to be grateful for. ..

 I hope you enjoy today as it is- not worrying about what it was, what it is not, or what it “should” be.

Do not worry about the differences between us- they make us unique.

Do not worry about the distance between us- we all have our own journey.

Do not worry about being perfect- you already are.

Do not worry about what isn’t- you will miss out on all that is.

Today I’m thankful for my own journey, and where I am in it. It hasn’t been and easy road, but I’m grateful for the abundance and happiness I have in my life today.  

Happy Thanksgiving. 


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