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Seriously, What Are You Waiting For?? The Perfect New Year's Gift to Yourself!


It's the already the second week of 2018!!  Did you break your new year's resolution yet?  Are you ready to give in because things didn't go as planned last week?  Do you know you need to make a change, but you think it's not the right time?  Are you making excuses that you're waiting for <fill in the blank> to happen first?   Do you feel like something is holding you back from taking that first step to living a life you love?  

Life is too short to wait until we're "ready" to follow our dreams or make the changes we've been thinking about.  As a cancer survivor, I'm often faced with reminders of this truth.   I've talked in past posts about fellow survivors I've met on my journey who have become good friends, and often role models.  One of those friends & role models is Tamika Felder, a cervical cancer survivor and advocate for cervical cancer prevention.

Tamika is currently the Chief Visionary at Cervivor, a cervical cancer advocacy and support organization.  She didn't let cancer side track her life- Tamika embraced her strengths & created a life to help other cervical cancer survivors, & well as educate the world on the prevention of this disease.  

Tamika has been on the cover of Newsweek, she's taken her message on the Dr. Oz Show and Good Morning America.   And now she's written a book to help YOU ignite your life, and get on the path you've been dreaming of.  Seriously, What Are You Waiting For is a guidebook for life.  It's going to help you identify your dreams and overcome obstacles you may feel are in your way.

Tamika has had her share of ups and downs- we all have.  And she's shared what she's learned in this book so you can focus in on your dreams and goals.  She also helps you get right to the heart of what might be holding you back, allowing you to identify obstacles and leap over them into the life you want.  She's learned what's important in life, has gone after it, and succeeded. 

You've probably spent the last few weeks looking back at 2017, and making lists and resolutions for 2018.  don't let 2018 pass by without taking action!  You owe it to yourself to live your best life possible- and it is possible!!  Seriously, what are you waiting for????  Click here to buy the book on Amazon!


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