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I’ve been looking for a change for some time.  I’ve made some changes here and there, but none of them have felt right.  Or maybe they felt half-assed.   


I’ve been through many challenges in life.  I made it through cancer at the age of 32. Shortly thereafter, I lost my dad, job, and relationship over the course of 3 months.  I moved to Boston at that point, thinking it was the best move for me.  It wasn’t, and after another job loss, I was back in the DC area in less than 2 years. 


Once I moved back, I knew something had to give.  I couldn’t show up as the same person who left.  I loved the comfort of being in a familiar setting, but I wanted different things.  In the short time that had passed, I’d become stronger and more self-aware.  


I searched for new things.  Joined new groups.  Focused on things I loved- hockey, workouts, exploring nutrition and fueling my body.  Things changed, but I soon realized it wasn’t enough.  I struggled.  What next?? 


Over the last year, I changed course dramatically.  I moved back home to PA.  I bought a home. I reconnected with old friends.  I’m able to spend more time with family.  I have more money to travel and do the things I want to do. 


 I left PA after college with no plans to return.  Who would've thought I'd be back?  I don’t see it as the end of the road, however.  It’s more of a stepping stone.  It’s giving me time to refocus, recharge, and figure out what’s next. (And save a ton of money!) 


It only felt right to change the focus of my blog and website a bit at this time, too.  I want it to reflect what’s going on in my life.   I'm finding that everyday is an adventure, the time I spend is more meaningful, and it feels like no matter what, I'm always moving in a forward direction. 


I'll still be sharing how I maintain a healthy, balanced life, and I intend to continue to post recipes when I'm feeling creative.  I'm working on an ebook full of healthy travel tips, amore other projects.  But mostly, I want to share with you ways to live YOUR life the way YOU want, and to enjoy every moment of it along the way. 



Spring Veggie & Garbanzo Bean Salad

Summer Salsa