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What's in My Bag? (Healthy Meal Helpers)

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I love blogging about healthy travel.  I've found so many ways to stay on track and keep healthy while on the road, and I want to share them with you!  My first blog in this series let you in on some of my favorite travel snacks.  The tools I'm sharing today are definitely essential when it comes to eating and staying healthy on the road.  I hope you find some of them as helpful as I do!

Steel Straws

I keep one of these straws in each of my bags, and another in my car.  Straws are made from single use plastic, and we think nothing of using one and throwing it away within minutes (often grabbing another for our next drink).  They aren't biodegradable, and can take hundreds of years to break down.  I started using these straws for everything from my morning Starbucks to bar drinks (yes, I bring my own).  (If you prefer using glass straws because you're afraid you might poke yourself with the steel ones, check out these.)

Water Bottle

I love my Kleen Kanteen 27 oz water bottle.  It's the perfect size to toss in my bag, and also holds enough water to get me through a decent length flight.  There are many colors and sizes to fit whatever your need.

Travel Utensils


I keep a set of these with me in my travel bag. Sometimes i might order take out, or grab a quick snack at a local market to eat in my room.  Other times I may be in a hurry and grab lunch or dinner on my way to the plane.  And it never fails that I forget to grab silverware, or the takeout guy didn't bring any.  With these in my bag, problem solved!   

GoToob containers


I always prefer to take my own salad dressings on trips.  I also sometimes carry coconut aminos and hot sauce.  These GoToob Containers come in 1.25 & 3 ounce sizes (see My Favorite Things for the 1.25 ounce), are leakproof and TSA acceptable.  They're not only good for food items, but for toiletries as well!

Pill Wallet

pill wallet.jpg

Having an autoimmune disease & having to take three different size thyroid pills each day, I prefer to keep things organized in this pill wallet.  This handy carrying case comes in several colors, and contains two different size pouches to organize all your medications and/or vitamins.  You can also buy additional pouches here.  

Other Useful Items

In addition to these great finds there are a few other things I never leave home without...   

  • Ziploc Bags.  these are not only handy to pack snacks and food, but I've used them to stash a wet bathing suit in my luggage, or to keep toiletries from spilling over everything. 
  • Gladware Plastic Containers.  WHile I prefer to store things in glass containers at home, when I'm on the road that's not really practical not only due to the possibility of breakage, but also because of the added weight to carry them.  So I find these Gladware containers work just fine for a lunch size meal.

Do you have any additions to this list?  I'd love to hear your suggestions!

My What's In My Bag blog will focus on exercising on the road.  Stay tuned!

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