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Reflections on January: 5 Things I'm Grateful For...

There's a ton of research showing that keeping a gratitude journal can make us happier.  I have one- it's actually an app on my phone, and I add things that make me happy each day.  Sometimes it's a person or a place, and the app even let's you add photos.  So as I reflect back on each month this year, I thought I'd share some of the things that I'm grateful for.  Hope you enjoy!

1. A Fresh Start

January is a great time to start over.  You probably spent several days or weeks reflecting on what you did in the previous year.  Maybe you're happy, maybe you're not.  However, I know that regardless of what I did or didn't accomplish, I'm grateful for a fresh start.  January 1 gives us a clean slate to start making things right, or setting our sights on exciting new things.  

2. Realizing I'm Further Than I Think


I made myself some long term goals when I moved last year.  I didn't know where I wanted to end up, or how I was going to get there.  But after a little over a year, I've got some direction.  I am 99% sure on where I'm headed next, and financially I'm way better off than I anticipated.  It makes me happy to realize that the changes I've made were the right decision, and I look forward to what's next!

3. Fun With Family & Friends

I had a great month with family and friends.  I spent some time with my old roommate- a dear friend I don't get to see nearly enough.  I convinced my family to set some time to do something each month- and this month it was a fabulous dinner at a Brewery we had never been to.  I also had a great weekend with my sister-in-law in Philadelphia.  I'm finding that making time for those I care about has become a priority in my life, and I truly appreciate it more and more each day.

4.  Farm Show Week!!


Since I'm living in Harrisburg now, it wouldn't be January without a trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  I spent a few hours checking out the animals, sampling some Pennsylvania wines, viewing some prize winning vegetables, and of course, eating my way through the Food Court.  It's an event that I always looked forward to as a kid, and that certainly hasn't changed!

Farm Show Butter Sculpture

Farm Show Butter Sculpture

5.  It's OVER!!

Icy Susquehanna 

Icy Susquehanna 

One thing I think everyone agrees upon is that this January felt like an eternity!! Between the bitter cold to start off the month, the long nights and frequent snow showers, it sure felt like January was about 75 days long.  I'm happy the month is over, the days are getting longer, and spring is on the horizon.

So there you have 5 things I'm grateful for this month.  I;d love to hear what you're grateful for!

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