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HannahBelle Bags!

My friend Hannah recently launched (actually relaunched, but that’s a whole other story) her handbag business. She has a really cool vision, and makes absolutely fabulous custom bags, so I knew I had to share her story, and her bags, with my blog readers!

Hannah grew up around women who sew. While she avoided learning how to do it as long as possible, she found herself working in her mother’s custom drapery shop. Soon she was seduced by the beautiful fabrics surrounding her, & wanted to do something more with them. Hannah’s idea was born- she would make and sell custom bags with the beautiful fabrics she loved! Inspired by her desire for originality & vibrant colors, she is able to escape the predictability of everyday life, while helping her customers express themselves through the bag they carry.


Hannah uses heavier fabrics like canvas, and even upholstery fabric in her bags, as it tends to hold up better. As traveling woman, I can understand what my bag goes through on a daily basis, so I certainly appreciate that!

Many of the designs and patterns have been developed by Hannah. She admits that her favorite bag is the Rambler, her very first design, because of it’s versatility in both function and the ability to play with larger, dramatic prints. She loves designing statement pieces that not every woman has- something that helps her customers stand out in their daily lives.

Hannah has lived in a variety of places from Northern Virginia (just outside DC) to Baltimore and even Arizona. She currently lives with her boyfriend, Jake, and her two Viking kitties, Ragnar and Rollo. Her other passions include singing and playing music, camping, and spending time with her boyfriend’s kids when they are in town.

AS you can see from the photos, Hannah’s bags are anything but average. If you’d like to order your own custom bag, Check out her website at:!


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